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Big Bucks Baseball simulates action

Big Bucks Baseball simulates action

"Big Bucks Baseball simulates action, strategy of real game" Sports Collectors Digest Big Bucks Baseball board game has been produced by Kitchen Table Games, Inc. The game simulates a real baseball game as it combines the strategy of baseball with the excitement of...

Is summer the safest time to fly without delays?

Is summer the safest time to fly without delays?

Some people may think that flying during the summer can be the best time to travel without getting delayed at the airport. However, this is not exactly true. In fact, you may be surprised how often delays can happen during the summer months.

Here are the reasons why:


According to the Federal Aviation Administration, 69% of all flight delays are due to weather changes. It is not only snow and ice that can affect a plan from travelling. One of the worst weather conditions that can delay a flight are thunderstorms.

This is because the plane has to re-route its flight path to go around them instead of just going straight through. This, in turn, delays the time of the plane’s arrival and therefore, delays the time it can depart again. A solution for this problem might be this one here. During the summer months are the peak times that these thunderstorms mostly occur making the months of May, June, and July more prone to having flight delays and cancellations.

Summer heat

The cold weather, snow, or rain is actually not as bad for flight than the summer heat. This is not because of the temperature but because of the air density that happens during this time. The air is less dense making it harder for planes to lift off. Because of this, planes need to have a longer runway to allow enough space for them to gain the momentum they will need to achieve a proper ascent.

If the heat is too much and the air density is to light for the planes to take off, then the aviation authorities will delay or cancel flights while they wait for the weather to cool off.

Summer Crowds

During the summer, it only goes to figure that there are a lot of people travelling. Kids are off school and a lot of families and friends are taking time off to go on vacations. This makes things a bit more complicated when it comes to boarding. There will be times that your summer flight will get delayed because of a late arrival. The more people who are travelling means that there are more people who will have to check-in, board, and unload making for a slower processing time.


If you are set on travelling during the summer, the best time of day for you to book your flight in is during the early morning. There will not be much of a crowd at this time since families will not usually have their kids up that early. There are also less of a chance that thunderstorms will have brewed by this time. Although, it is still best to check on the weather forecast before anything else.

For those of you who have experienced flight delays or cancellations, you may be entitled to get some monetary compensation from your airlines. You can check out and see how much you can get and how to get it. You can be compensated with amounts from EUR 250 to EUR 600.