Welcome to the home of BIG BUCKS BASEBALL, America’s greatest baseball board game.
As an owner you will become part of a fast growing association playing BIG BUCKS BASEBALL throughout the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. Baseball has great teams.

Great teams have great players. Great players make the most money. One only has to see, as evidenced during the recent baseball strike, that money motivates both the owners and the players of professional baseball. BIG BUCKS BASEBALL recognizes this and lets you play the game the way it should be played by allowing you to use money to defeat the opposition if you choose to. This is just one of three available play modes.

Each game played is new and has never been statistically played before, so the outcome is always like real baseball. The game is not over until the last pitch has been thrown unless, of course, you happen to bankrupt the opposing team!

BIG BUCKS BASEBALL is a different kind of game, unlike anything presently on the market. The action in statistical average games is dependent on the outcome of some random occurences keyed to past events. Games like these are cheap to produce since they are mainly paper and cardboard and require very little tooling, yet surprisingly sell at prices comparable to BIG BUCKS BASEBALL.

Since its debut in 1995, BIG BUCKS BASEBALL has received rave reviews from a variety of publications around the world. Here are a few of them.

“Why Not Cooperstown?” by Tracy Hackler

Larry Bucaria spent five years creating his board game, Big Bucks Baseball, and wanted to unveil it in a place synonymous with baseball. What better place than the Hall of Fame, and in conjunction with induction weekend no less.
Fortunately for Bucaria, president of Kitchen Table Games, his game received a response worthy of the game’s birthplace.

“We were accepted nicely,” Bucaria says. “We had a ball.

In three days, Bucaria sold all 75 games he brought with him and gave out more than 800 brochures.

Big Bucks Baseball is played on a pitch-by-pitch basis and revolves around the spinning of a roulette-type wheel.

Offensive and defensive skill levels are determined by colored rings that snap to the bottom of each figurine. Red is the best, white is next, and blue represents average.

Batters can take pitches, or swing for the fences, by dropping a miniature baseball into the moving wheel.

Depending on skill level, where the ball stops on the wheel determines the action on the field. The figurines are then moved around the base paths accordingly.

“I want this to be a family game,” Bucaria says. “I want this game to be played, if not on a kitchen table, on a dining-room table.”

The game can be played in three modes: Fast, Regular, and Big Bucks.

Fast baseball is played without much detail and doesn’t utilize the wheel’s outside ring designated for the pitcher.

In the Regular mode, balls and strikes are called, and green event cards are used, which call for the downgrading of players, rain outs, triple plays and dropped third strikes.

A game of Big Bucks Baseball, like its American-pastime counterpart, sometimes takes up to three hours to complete.

In this advanced version, revenue can be generated by the selling of concessions and the purchasing of TV and broadcast rights. The more money a team owner accumulates, the better the team. Each game comes with three sets of 10 figurines.