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For Larry Bucaria, president of Kitchen Table Games, Inc. of Framingham, early support came from the South Middlesex Opportunity Council’s Business Incubator Program.
Through that program, Michael Peters, a marketing professor at Boston College, is advising Bucaria on a business plan for Kitchen Table Games’ product, Big Bucks Baseball. Bucaria’s son, a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch, handles the accounting.

The retired Raytheon Co. executive has always enjoyed creating board games for his children and grandchildren. Unlike most baseball board games, Bucaria’s game offers immediate play-by-play action. The heart of Big Bucks Baseball is the patented Strategy Wheel, which controls the play. Like in real baseball, the game begins with the pitcher, who spins the wheel. The batter has the option of taking the pitch to see if the pitcher has thrown a strike or a ball, or attempting a hit.

The batter “hits” by throwing a miniature ball into the wheel.

Priced at $39.95, the game comes with three teams of realistically molded figurines. Because he has four daughters who are baseball fans, Bucaria included one female player. A compact, folding game board serves as the field, with surprise event cards, concession and media replicas, and paper currency to reward the most valuable players.

Bucaria’s proudest transaction has been with Mickey’s, a baseball collectible store across from the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. The game is also sold at collectible stores in Watertown’s Arsenal Mall, the Natick Mall, and the Emerald Square Mall in Attleboro. His goal now is to arrange a licensing agreement with a professional team.

Bucaria now believes, after all the work and nurturing the idea for the game, the big bucks are just around the corner.

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Big Bucks Baseball, from Kitchen Table Games, Inc. (Framingham, Mass.), is a baseball board game created to simulate a real baseball game with all its surprises and suspense. It combines the strategy of baseball with the excitement and high-stakes suspense of Monopoly. Using a patented, roulette-type “Strategy Wheel,” Big Bucks Baseball is played just like real baseball, on a pitch-by-pitch basis. It also gives players a chance to be managers and owners, selling concessions and broadcast rights to earn money and buy better players. Win on the field.. or win by bankrupting your opponent.

Big Bucks Baseball comes with more than 200 pieces, including the Strategy Wheel, multi-colored game board, 30 molded ABS figurines, three challenging dice, 32 player-skills upgrade rings, 12 markers, eight concession replicas, two TV/radio broadcast replicas, two miniature game balls, 90 pieces of currency, 32 event cards, reproducible score cards, and an illustrated instruction book. Three different games can be played: Fast, Regular, and Big Bucks. Sold out following its debut at the Hall of Fame.